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Reflexology for Runners and Walkers

Running is an intensive cardiovascular workout that affects the body as a whole: Circulatory, Respiratory, Endocrine, Muscular and Lymphatic. 

Although the entire body is constantly moving during running, the focus of the impact is on the feet.

The force exerted on the feet during running is the equivalent of 

10 times our body weight! 

Feet bear a cumulative weight total of 1000 tons per day and cushion as much as a million lbs of pressure during only one hour of strenuous exercise. 

The knees absorb some of the shock but that is a lot of force on such a small part of the body.

Reflexology can also help to remove lactic acid from the legs four times faster than massage.

  Do you want to:

Run longer without muscle fatigue or cramping?
Reduce muscle stiffness?
Prevent or help your body to recover from soft tissue sprains, strains and tears by relaxing your muscles?

Try Reflexology!

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